About PerlPlexity

PerlPlexity is a source code compressor, optimizer, and obfuscator for the Perl programming language. PerlPlexity can reduce the overall size of your Perl code making it execute faster and save bandwidth, whilst at the same time making it very difficult for others to read your source code. If you write/distribute Perl code or applications, you NEED PerlPlexity!

What can PerlPlexity do...

Code Compression & Optimization

PerlPlexity can compress your source code by on average 10-20%. It does this by removing unnecessary characters and comments in your code. For example, the code:

if ($myvariable > 1) { $ip = $ENV{'REMOTE_ADDR'}; }

...can be reduced to the following by removing unnecessary characters:


Compressing this one line of code alone with PerlPlexity will reduce the code by 10Bytes (around 20% reduction!)

Code Obfuscation

PerlPlexity can obfuscate your source code making it difficult for others to read/modify/steal. It can do this in a number of ways. Firstly, by combining lines and removing indentation:

for (my $numone = 0; $numone < 10; $numone++) {
	for (my $numtwo = 0; $numtwo < 10; $numtwo++) {
		$output .= "Num 1: $numone, Num 2: $numtwo";


for (my $numone = 0; $numone < 10; $numone++) {for (my $numtwo = 0; $numtwo < 10; $numtwo++) {$output .= "Num 1: $numone, Num 2: $numtwo";}}

Further more, PerlPlexity can rename your variables, arrays, and subroutines, making it harder for code snoopers to figure out your code and reducing the size of your code. So utilizing these features, the above original example code could be reduced by 59% to become:

for(my$a=0;$a<10;$a++){for(my$b=0;$b<10;$b++){$c.="Num 1: $numone, Num 2: $numtwo";}}

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